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  TENS for Labour & Beyond
A Babycare TENS can be used by your partner too!
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femme tens - 35 Day Hire for 32.95
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femme tens machine for labourfemme tens machine for hirefemme tens in hand
femme tens - 35 Day Hire for €32.95

The Femme Tens gives you flexibility and control. Each channel has its own intensity dial, both the Pulse Rate and Pulse Width are adjustable and it features a detachable 'booster button' for an extra surge of pain combatting power.

The Femme TENS was my only saving grace. Gas and Air made me sick and I couldn't
get an epidural until it was too late. The Femme TENS was my only form of pain relief
and it was excellent Mrs G.L. Surrey

I did find it very effective during my labour. I should just like to add that I consider the customer
service from your company to have been of a very high standard. Anne Crompton

I felt that I must write and say what a great thing the machine is and that I would highly
recommend it to any woman about to go though child birth. Rachel Salt

  • Dual channel
  • 4 large pads
  • Easy to use
  • Slide down cover to protect controls
  • External removable boost button
  • Adjustable Pulse Rate and Pulse Width
  • Strong belt clip

  • 4 large electrode pads 40 x 100 mm
  • 2 leads + 1 spare
  • 1 battery + 1 spare
  • Instruction manual
  • Soft carrying pouch

The 32.95 cost covers 35 days hire and includes free delivery within the Rep of Ireland.
Units are dispatched 4 weeks before your due date. Allow 3-5 working days for

Channels: Dual Channel
Output Waveform: Asymmetrical bi-phasic rectangular
Output Modes: Continuous and burst
Output Intensity: 0-70 mA (500 ohms load)
Output voltage: 90V (open circuit)
Pulse Rate: Adjustable 1-120 Hz
Pulse Width: 50-250 microseconds adjustable
Burst Mode: 2 bursts per second, a burst Consists of 8 pulses
Power Source: 9V PP3 battery Battery Current: 5.5 mA (MAX) (open circuit)
Unit Size: 85mm x 63mm x 23mm Unit Weight: 85gms
Output jacks: Touchproof

Ruby Service: add 13.00 Details...
Add: set of electrodes for practise before labour: €5.50 (Save €2.50)
Add: A women's guide to drug free pain relief: 6.95 Details...


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